Skin Serum recipe

On the occasion of my Google listing for this website, I thought it might be a nice time to start a blog. Here is a recipe for a skin serum which I swear by and have used every single day for years. I first got into natural skin preparations after reading an excellent book that a school friend’s mum owned (thanks Sue!) After the initial outlay spent on oils, it works out much cheaper than continually buying small bottles of commercially prepared serums. With the change in weather, many of my clients have been experiencing dry skin and this might be helpful.

30ml cold pressed apricot kernel oil
15 drops turmeric oil
15 drops tomato seed oil.

Mix the ingredients in an eyedropper bottle. Shake before each use. After cleansing and rinsing, whilst the skin is still wet, massage in five to six drops of the above serum. You can add sunscreen on top in the morning and moisturiser at night. Apricot oil is high in Vitamin A which is what retinoids are derived from, turmeric is fantastic for healing scarring and tomato seed oil is very high in antioxidants which help even out skin tone and regenerate skin cells.

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